Owned by Samsung Je-il Industry
Traditional Korean furniture lost their functional demands as the Korean society moved away from sedentary(floor-based) living arrangement to stand-in(chair-based) living arrangement. For this reason, traditional Korean furniture in Korean modern households equipped in Western style, are left at a corner of a room with incongruous appearance. In other cases, antiques without known history are usually transported to different places at cheap prices and eventually thrown away.

‘Fortuitous Variation’ is a series of work that gave new interpretation to look that Korean traditional furniture could adopt in the westernised living environment of Korea with biological perspective. Just as improvement of breed for both animals and plants in a way to adapt to new environment and needs, MAEZM proposes ways to adapt our traditional furniture into the modern society through this series of work.
This series, which were produced as prop display in clothing stores, have the shape of newly grown legs so as to make traditional furniture designed for sedentary(floor-based) culture adapt to the stand-in culture in stores. For this project, MAEZM collected all kinds of Korean traditional furniture as well as Western-style wasted furniture that were on incomplete conditions and experimented on ways for these objects to ‘intercourse’. The structure of the new furniture projected with light was intended as the symbol of this mutated species newly born as well as to simultaneously have functionality in the clothing store.