Owned by National Hangeul Museum
According to the Hunminjeongeum Manuscript, 
'With some simple-shaped basic elements, the alphabet can be functional by changing the basic element's direction and location"

The characteristic of the Korean alphabet is that the function of the alphabet depends upon its direction and location even though the form is the same. For instance, 'ㄱ' and 'ㄴ' are the same form yet the direction is opposite so that they function differently, and the alphabet 'ㅏ' can have various functions and pronunciations depending on its location and direction, such as 'ㅓ', 'ㅗ' and 'ㅜ'. This characteristic of the Korean alphabet is unique and hardly seen in other languages. So, the Korean alphabet can have many benefits from the efficient use of forms. 
The lamp designed by MAEZM is based on this principle, and it is intended to change its functions by changing the direction of the basic units. Based on the principle of form that is changeable by adding lines, the 'one-dot-one-stroke' lighting can be variable due to its function.