The small change of numeric board which is turned 90 degrees is intended to be consideration to others along with user convenience. Such a small change of idea enables sharing of time with others nearby. Through this sharing in this unfamiliar change, we can newly experience the relationship with others by way of time, and that is how we wanted this watch to share.
(On-going project)
Collaboration with Save the Children
The Sharing-Watch project is not simply about producing and selling products, but it is also working with 'Save the Children', one of the NGOs for donation, linking the idea of 'sharing' with the society.
Share time, Share dream

To have a watch is to give a child a 'time' to achieve his 'dream'. Sharing will be a bit closer if you can see the changes of a child on a regular basis rather than a one-time donation activity. 
The donation amount for the first month is deposited at the same time as the purchase of product. When registering for regular sponsorship, the first month's deposit will be donated. The package of the watch is a sort of magazine, and the contents of that is a way of showing the changes of the child according to the time and the things that can be done for the child with the donation.
Twelve magazine (watch package)